Panoramic Radiographic Technique Errors: Review: Image 2

Review of Panoramic Technical errors
Please identify technical errors in this panoramic radiograph.

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Any foreign object that can be removed during the radiographic procedure, must be removed. This includes denture (as seen in this image), ear rings, eye glasses, or chewing gum. There may be many other objects in the mouth or facial area that will degrade a panoramic radiograph. A tongue-ring may be difficult to remove.
This image has another positioning error. Patient's head is rotated. The right ramus is further away from the film, and is magnified. The left ramus has narrow anterior-posterior width. For the same positioning error, the crown of mandibular right molar is wider than the left molar. In dentulous patients, the size of crowns and roots of the teeth are good indicators of rotation of the head. In cases of hemimandibular hyperplasia, such image discrepancy may become prominent.
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