Panoramic Radiographic Technique Errors: Review: Image 1

Review of Panoramic Technical errors
Errors in panoramic radiography are usually from two different sources: Patient positioning errors and darkroom errors. With the introduction of digital panoramic machines, darkroom errors have given way to digital image processing artifacts. In this self-tutorial, we have included patient positioning errors. Some images have examples of patient preparation errors, such as acquiring images with earring or eye glasses on.
Please review the five examples of most common errors in panoramic radiography. Eliminating these common errors will provide us with better diagnosis. Once you have reviewed the anatomic landmarks and the panoramic errors, please print the Quiz. Bring the completed quiz to the class to receive your credit.

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This panoramic radiograph shows several errors and discrepancies. The chin and occlusal plane are rotated downwards. This positioning error leads to another error in the mandibular anterior region. The apices of the mandibular anterior teeth are out of the focal trough. The roots of the mandibular incisors appear smaller than usual. Another error in this image is with the position of the tongue. The tongue must contact the hard palate throughout the exposure. The shadow of the air space obscures the periapical areas. As the head is rotated downwards,the condyles are pointing towards midline of the image. The hard palate appears curved due to the same positioning error. Because of the same positioning error, the base of the middle cranial fossa is displayed in this image.
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