Review of Panoramic Radiographic Anatomy: Image 4

As we have seen from the previous images, maxillofacial anatomy on a panoramic radiograph is difficult to read. Variation in positioning adds to this complexity. Several structures are superimposed on this radiograph. In addition, the ghost images create another layer of complexity. Panoramic radiography is a frequent imaging technique in the dental office, so every dentist should have a solid knowledge of the anatomy. Let's review some more landmarks:

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  • Landmark 1: Right ear lobe
  • Landmark 2: (Bean shaped radiolucency) Anterior ethmoid air cell (Haller's cell)
  • Landmark 3: Concha bullosa
  • Landmark 4: Deviated nasal septum
  • Landmark 5: Inferior turbinate
  • Landmark 6: Left stylohyoid ligament
  • Landmark 7: Epiglottis
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