Review of Panoramic Radiographic Anatomy: Image 1

A strong knowledge base of radiographic anatomy is essential for successful interpretation of the panoramic radiograph. To prepare for this continuing education course, please review the six radiographs provided on this website. You already know most of the landmarks. A refresher course of any knowledge has never hurt anyone. Let's review the first set of landmarks:

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  • Landmark 1: Condyle of the right temporomandibular joint
  • Landmark 2: Neck of the right condyle
  • Landmark 3: Inferior border of the contralateral mandible (ghost image)
  • Landmark 4: Inferior border of the right side of the mandible
  • Landmark 5: Floor of the left orbit
  • Landmark 6: Angle of the left side of the mandible
  • Landmark 7: Left external oblique ridge
  • Landmark 8: Floor of the left maxillary sinus
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